Current Board Members

WWRA Executive Officers:

             Mike Pratt - President
             Western Wildlife Encounters
             Bainbridge Island, WA

             vacant - Vice President

             Stephanie Eastrella - Secretary                                          
             Raindancer Wild Bird Rescue                              
             Olympia, WA  
             Emily Meredith - Treasurer
             PAWS Wildlife Center
             Shoreline, WA

WWRA Board  Members:

Jenny Schlieps – Board Member            
Focus Wildife                                      
Seattle, WA                   

                  John Huckabee, DVM - Board Member
                  PAWS Wildlife Center
                  Lynnwood, WA  

                  Cindy Daily
                  Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue  

                  Port Townsend, WA   

Meet Your Board Members:

Cindy Daily
Cindy has been involved in wildlife rehabilitation for over 30 years and currently operates Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue where she performs wildlife rehabilitation and conservation education in Port Townsend, Washington. For the past 9 years, her focus has been to build a professional center with enclosures to meet the needs of all types of birds including facilities for hummingbirds, eagles, and seabirds. Cindy studied Biology at the University of New Mexico, served as a Board Member and was the Executive Director of Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico. Cindy is a member of IWRC, NWRA, and Pacific Seabird Group.

Stephanie Estrella, Secretary
Stephanie is the Director and rehabilitator for Raindancer Wild Bird Rescue, a small rehabilitation facility in Olympia that specializes in birds of prey, corvids, and bats. She started rehabilitating wildlife in 2003 as a volunteer for other rehabilitation centers, and founded Raindancer Wild Bird Rescue in 2012. Stephanie holds BS and MS degrees in Environmental Science and also works for the Washington State Department of Ecology as a Natural Resources Scientist. She serves as Board Secretary for the WWRA and as Board Secretary for Happy Valley Bats.

John Huckabee, DVM
Dr. John Huckabee has continuously worked with wildlife rehabilitators since graduating from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985, and exclusively as a wildlife veterinarian since 1991. He has been the lead wildlife veterinarian for the PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood since 1998, and has recently begun a new role with PAWS as Veterinary Program Manager for both the Wildlife and Companion Animal Services Departments. John has served on a number of nonprofit boards of directors, advisory boards, steering committees, task forces and editorial boards since the late 1980s, including serving on the NWRA Board of Directors.

Emily Meredith
Emily holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and an Environmental Studies Certificate from Indiana University. Emily has been a wildlife rehabilitator for over 23 years and is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager at PAWS Wildlife Center. She has worked for several wildlife rehabilitation organizations across the United States and Canada. Her experience encompasses a wide range of species including large mammals and pelagic birds.

Mike Pratt
Mike is a biologist and outreach naturalist with over 28 years of hands-on experience in the wildlife field. He began a career in wildlife rehabilitation in 1989 and has worked at wildlife rehabilitation centers in Missouri, Vermont and Washington. He specializes in raptors but has rehab experience with all wildlife species. Mike is currently Executive Director and founder of Western Wildlife Encounters, an outreach education nonprofit. He is also a member of the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network and member of the Northwest Oiled Wildlife Response Network. Mike graduated from Purdue University and has also worked as a National Park Ranger. He has served on the WWRA Board of Directors since 2006 and is currently Board President.

Jenny Schlieps
Jenny is Program and Rehabilitation Manager for Focus Wildlife. She was a rehabilitator and later Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager at the PAWS Wildlife Center where she worked from 1994-2008. She has experience with a broad range of species and has responded to oil spills across the US and Canada since 2008. She specializes in oiled wildlife care, oiled wildlife response planning, and animal care standards. She is a founding and current board member of the WWRA and serves on the NWRA Board of Directors. She is Editor of the NWRA journal, Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin, is chair of the NWRA Publications Committee, and serves on the NWRA/IWRC Standards Committee.