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  • Training

    WWRA assists people who are interested in volunteering with wildlife rehabilitation centers or looking at this as a career prospect by providing effective guidance with regard to the courses to take. They provide information on various short term and long term courses, certifications and seminars that will help learn and improve skills required to be a successful wildlife rehabilitator.

  • Conferences and Seminars

    The WWRA conducts various conferences and seminars during the year with the intention of sharing the most recent updates within the wildlife rehabilitation world. They also publish journals and newsletters which is a trove of important information within this profession.

Regulatory Body
  • Jobs

    WWRA website posts details about the most recently available internship and job opportunities available with various Wildlife Rehabilitation centers in Washington State. They have categorized the opportunities into Volunteering and Intern opportunities making it easier for the potential candidates.

  • Regulatory Body

    WWRA also works as a regulatory body that assimilates, filters and sends relevant information to various Wildlife Rehabilitation centers and organizations that come under its purview. Annual conferences, newsletters, and journals are used to communicate with the members and form an effective wildlife rehabilitation network.

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