Mammals under porches, in sheds, attic and crawl spaces:
Animals like these areas because they are dark and quiet. By making it uncomfortable with noise and light, you can usually evict the animal within 24 hours. The following techniques are good for otter, raccoon, opossum, skunk, weasel, fox and coyote:

  • Install a temporary light and leave it on all day and night
  • Place a battery-operated radio in the area and let in play all day and night
  • A rag soaked with household ammonia will also make the space uncomfortable

Birds hitting windows
Birds hit windows, especially in the spring during nesting season. They see shadows in the window and think it is another bird that they must chase from their nesting area.

  • Place streamers outside in front of the window so that the movement will scare the bird
  • Place silhouettes on the windows (available at our shelter and many feed & bird stores)
  • Cover the window from the outside. If covered from the inside, the bird can still see their shadow
  • If the birds are hitting a particular window that has a bird feeder close by, the bird may be protecting the food source. Move the feeder or add another feeder in a different part of the yard.

Wild animals coming too close to the house
Food and shelter is what draws animals close to humans.

  • Remove all food sources such as open trash cans, compost piles that contain meat, the scent of food on BBQ grills, cat & dog foods, fallen seed from bird feeders and any other food. Animals' noses are very sensitive and any food will attract wild animals.
  • Be aware that if you feed a wild animal, that animal may also go to your neighbor's house looking for food.
  • Scare the animal. Don't let wild animals get relaxed around your house. Tough love can save the animal's life

For other wildlife problems or questions contact the nearest wildlife rehabilitator.